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Defend Social, Racial and Economic Justice

Supports major investments in Chapel Hill's historically Black neighborhoods and in youth empowerment 
Worked with Parks & Recreation staff to ensure all children have safe and affordable recreational opportunities 
Plaintiff in NAACP v. McCrory, which successfully overturned North Carolina's discriminatory voter suppression law
Supports the construction of a Teen Center 
Advocate for Workers
Voted to make Chapel Hill a Living Wage Certified Employer
Petitioned the Council and voted to approve paid parental leave for town employees


Fight for Affordable Housing
Supported initiatives poised to double the number of affordable units within the next two years 
Supported the Affordable Housing Development Reserve, which will help address long waiting lists for affordable housing units
Protect the Environment 
Committed to making Chapel Hill walk-able, bike-able, and pedestrian friendly 
Council liaison to the Parks, Greenways and Recreation Advisory Board and the Transportation and Connectivity Board 
Supporter of Light Rail, which would protect the environment and lead bring economic investment to Chapel Hill 
Supports the construction of a permanent Farmer's Market 

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